Good Asian Drivers

22 10 2008

Kit Yan is a transgender slam poet from Waipahu, Hawaii.

Melissa Li is a lesbian folkrocker from Boston. 

Powers combined, they are…



Free Concert!

Monday, November 3rd

Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 7:30

Pigott Auditorium

After 3 months of driving across the country and back, touring at colleges, community stages, and even garages across the United States, the Good Asian Drivers have proved that Asians are in fact good, if not amazing drivers. 

Originally from Waipahu, Hawaii, Kit Yan is a transgendered boi, who has been slamming in the Boston slam scene since he was 18 and has won numerous slams and toured all over the country.  Kit has featured with nationally recognized poets like Jason Carney, Iyeoka Okoawo, Reggie Gibson and Michael Brown.  Before the age of 21, he landed a spot in the Lizard Lounge national slam team, competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam, and won the world’s largest slam. 

Melissa Li is a fierce Asian-American lesbian singer-songwriter, who has performed in the Boston area for over 8 years. Her music is a mixture of folk rock and pop, with a hint of soul and a whole lot of queer, and heavily influenced by Ani DiFranco, Jonatha Brooke, Kris Delmhorst, Deb Talan, Melissa Ferrick, and a slew of other pop/rock/folk divas. Through deeply personal acoustic songs, often punctuated with a vocal style reminiscent of R&B/soul, Melissa rants about love, loss, and social injustices.

Together, Li and Yan combine talents as The Good Asian Drivers.   

What could be even better than seeing the Good Asian Drivers in concert? 

Have dinner with them and connect one on one before the show! 

For a chance to have dinner with the duo, contact Jolie Harris @ and type “Dinner with the Good Asian Drivers” in the subject line.  (Sorry, this opportunity is only open to Seattle University students.)






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